ResetPlug Setup Instructions

    1.  Plug the ResetPlug into the wall socket. The blue LED will be solid for about 20 seconds and then will be blinking on and off slowly. This is the default setup mode. You can always press and hold the front button for 5 seconds to get back to this setup mode.

    2.  Plug in your WiFi router, broadband modem, and access point using a power strip. If all three of these products are built into one unit, just plug in the one unit without a power strip.

    3.  Scan for the WiFi network called ResetPlugSetup and connect to that network. Make sure your device is set to use WiFi as the main connection.

    4.  Open a web browser and type (if this does a google search, instead type in the location bar). This will open the setup page.

    5.  Enter in your WiFi network name and password (or select no password if this is an open WiFi connection). Put in your email address for the web app (
    Note: Make sure to use proper capitalization for the WiFi network name and the password!

    6.  Press submit and you will see the ResetPlug reboot. It will begin flashing while it detects your WiFi, then it will go to a solid blue LED. A solid blue LED means the Wifi connection is working. This is monitoring mode, which means it acts as a client to your WiFi router. If it is not able to connect to the Internet in the time specified in “Outage wait time” the plug will power off the output power to the devices plugged in to it. It will wait 5 seconds and then restore power to the WiFi equipment.

    Note: If the ResetPlug goes off every 5 minutes (or the time you have set for “Outage wait time”) but your other devices are working fine on the Internet, this probably means you have misspelled the WiFi network name or password. Press the front button and hold for 5+ seconds to get back to setup mode and re-enter the credentials.

    You are done!

    Again, you can always press and hold the front button on the plug for 5+ seconds to go back to setup mode. This should ALWAYS be done if you change your WiFi network name or password!!!!!

    If you have issues email for help.

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